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Office: n. room or building where people work at desks; formal position of responsability; place where informations can be obtained.

In the office appear various works I have completed since 1999. For a more up to date production, visit live work.

To carry a picture is the first public transport based performance project I completed in London. The gallery presents the pictures in question as they were transported over the course of a year of travelling the London tube network.

Logos and Slogans is so far, the only truly satisfactory painting series I have engaged in. For the most part, I have always found painting to be a major pain in the neck and I am always only to happy to focus on other creative processes.

I can at the moment only exhibit part of the series as many have been given away over the years. It is a work that began in the spring 2000 and has been carried (with different degrees of assiduity) until now. I have never been attracted to the action of painting for its own sake, my main aim remaining communication. It seems that the Logos and Slogans succeeded in being concise and potent.

The Skateboarders is a series of four paintings and an autobiographic text exploring skateboarding.