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Playroom: n. a room set aside for children's play or adult recreation.

In the playroom appear the works I have undertaken as experiment or which are simply not accomplished enough to feature in the office. It covers my experiments with electronic music and, videos and animations.


The music featured below has been entirely produced with Korg new analogue machines: the Monotribe and the Volcas. The machines are extremely simple to use.Their simplicity is their appeal and working under this constraint has been a great source of inspiration.

I recorded several tracks but I am still exploring various ways of adding lyrics to the mix to take the edge of the repetitive nature of electronic music whilst adding a narrative to the music.

A remarkably apt emulator has been developed by Angry Octopus. This is where I first experimented with the possibilities of the Monotribe. The emulator works; and it's highly addictive.

Tony Horgan's Interview with Tatsuya Takahashi, the man at Korg behind the Monotribe and Volcas.

videos and animations

Just like the rest of my artistic production, I am often more excited by the concept than its implementation. The video below is good example of a great concept cheaply executed. It still makes me laugh, though.

In 2001, I started experimenting with some animation softwares. I have never had much time to devote to the activity, but I did a few shorts animations, including the intro for generalimprovement.co.uk v1.0

A while later I discovered an animation software much more accessible, and overall much more satisfying than Flash. If you have children old enough to sit behind a computer, they could be doing much worse than to spend the afternoon experimenting with Fluxtime Studio. Have a look at it as it is also suitable for adults. You can try it yourself instantly as the tutorial is very simple - it is designed with children in mind - and you can send your animation to anyone on line. If anything, have a look in their ever growing gallery; some of it is absolute genius.

Animations software developed too fast for me after that and I left them pretty much unexplored.

Very recently, I was introduced to Processing, which is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. It is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions. I have not had the chance to explore this in any depth yet but it looks like great fun.

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